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Looking for companions - Biking Center Europe - July/August 2015

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Looking for companions - Biking Center Europe - July/August 2015

Hi everybody!
I am a 26 woman and I will ride on Eurobike 6, from Ingolstadt (Germany) to Budapest by July 20th, 2015 for 5 weeks. I would like to know if some of you would also be on this path to make a part of the road together?

I propose:
- Program: 50 - 60 km / day - some visits.
- Objectives: cycle, take advantage of the nature, discover the culture of those countries, appreciate the friendliness of the way.
- Lifestyle: campsite + picnic
- Level: I am a sportswoman (aquabike, dance, bike, walks - St James of Compostella in 2014). I am a beginner in my practice of the cycle tourisme. I have already traveled the channel (canal) from Nantes to Brest (365km) and wish to extend this experience I enjoyed. I speak English + Spanish :). I have already travelled abroad.

- About me: I live in Nantes, FRANCE, we can meet before or have contact by skype, mail, phone ^^

Hope to See you!

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Hola Marion if you pass

Hola Marion
if you pass Austria you are welcome to stay at my place if i have time i can join you for some days.
best wishes

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Cool trip ahead of you

Hey Marion,

I like what you have planned. Sounds like a nice trip and wish you lots of fun and success on your route.

I am currently near the border of Czech Republik and am really looking forward to arriving in Prague by the weekend. I hope to be in Vienna a week later then cycle south to Greece by beginning of August before heading east through Turkey, Iran and then by sea to India and beyond.

If at any point you think our paths could cross, or if I can be of any assistance (I am still learning myself, but every day is full of new experiences and lessons), then let me know.

Take care and have lots of fun