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Why aren't people providing feedback - doing so helping WS community?

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Why aren't people providing feedback - doing so helping WS community?

Are you giving feedback to your hosts and guests?

For us given and received feedback is a very good indicator if we match of with our potential guest or host. Next to response rates and if he/she has hosted before. It shows if a guest or host is trustwordy, it gives an indication if we would get along and it shows somebody is contributing to the WS community by hosting recently. It should in theory.....

But apparantly lots of people don't give or get feedback annymore. Last summer we visited a host who did not have or gave any feedback. We nearly did not bother to write to him. Still we did and found out he already hosted people and turned out to be super host with whom we spent a realy wonderful time. Also recent guests  just joined WS wondered why their guests never left feedback. Same experience with friends who are warmshower host and guests. We ourselves also did not get feedback from guests and hosts quiet a few times. A shame we think. How ican somebody know if a potential guest or host is trustwordy and has hosted before/recently when lots of people don't give feedback annymore? We feel providing feedback to both host or guest is one of the core things to do to help the WS community ticking. Also we think its very rude to be hosted and then not leave feedback to your host. 

Technical functionality  its also not straight foreward; At the WS website it's not inmediate visable if somebody has provided feedback right away. You have to click at feedback, then select other, to see it. On the App sadly responce rates and feedback given, are not visable at all. The latest function last active, sais nothing about this. 

Currious to hear your opinion!


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In the beginning, WarmShowers

In the beginning, WarmShowers did not even have feedback – that was something that appeared only after Randy created the website. And yet the network worked fine before. Some other hospitality-exchange communities don’t have feedback even today, and yet they work fine.

Feedback isn’t a real safety measure, in my opinion. Do you think that leaving negative feedback on someone’s profile would help the community? The person can just delete his profile and start all over again with a new profile. This is what has actually happened with the bad people on WS in the past.

With regard to: "Also we think its very rude to be hosted and then not leave feedback to your host." It has been emphasized on this forum over the years that feedback is not supposed to be a sign of gratitude to the host, but rather a message to the rest of the community. IMO, if a guest is kind and considerate in the host’s home, and then he sends the host a thank-you note from the road, then he cannot be considered rude just because he did not leave feedback.

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Christopher we agree with you

Christopher we agree with you  that giving feedback isn't sign of gratitude in itself. It's indeed in the ways you mention. But how will anybody else know if its not written in  a feedback? Just ;ike how will others know weather somebdoy did host when none of the guests left feedback? etc. 

I was reacting due to some of the requests we had past years. The tone of those requests combined with some other things in their profiles  and not giving feedback to hosts made us decide not to host a few people - not really knowing if we did them right or not. Just being in the middle of trying to make up our minds of staying hospitable but on the other hand reject some kind of guests and adjusting our profile to be clear about this. It seems a growing number of people see WS mainly as a means to travel and eat cheap. Maybe feeded by the many artikels about WS as a mean to travel cheap? This is attitude we don't share and guests with this attitude are likely not enjoyable for us. We thought feedback would be a useful way to figure how guests really are, but it turns out it isn't as I wrote above. All the guests we did invite and all the hosts we did visit were super, we have been very lucky. If the rejected ones were a good decision or just our miss we will never know. Somehow it doens't feel right to not host people based on subjective information. But I guess there isn't a cristal clear answer to it. ;-)

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I like to have at least some

I like to have at least some feedback every season, as a signal that I am still an active host. I will write feedback for guests if they are new members or if they write feedback for me. If guests don't write that is fine too. Sometimes there is not much to say.

And although there are other ways to express gratitude, I did not like it when a world-tour guest had not given feedback on his long trip, not even reciprocated when hosts had written feedback for him. But anyway, I am happy to see now in the feedback that he gets that he is paying it forward as an active and generous host. But he is still not writing. Ah well, some people just do not like it.

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Over the past eight cross country rides, I have have been a guest in literally hundreds of homes.  I estimate that only one out of four hosts leave feedback but that may be because I have so much already.  Just make sure you leave feedback as a guest because that is the most important.  

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Hi, I give feedback on guests

Hi, I give feedback on guests, & encourage them to give feedback for me. That way when I went to korea last year, I felt I had “credits” & could show it, if any one cared. But it also meant I could get in contact with the second WS guest we hosted from Seoul korea. As he lived in a small apartment he was not available to host. I was only able to get in touch with him by the link in the feedback. 

I hoping to go touring in Taiwan this November, & possibility stay with some WS hosts.

cheers Greg