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Cycling around Thailand

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Cycling around Thailand

I recently cycled about 3,700km around Thailand to many places not in guide books. My blog has a summary table of places, times, distances and accommodation and the blog has day to day details. hope it's useful

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thank you Dorje for sharing

thank you Dorje for sharing your file. I won't do at all your route but I will certainly check your accomodation in Chiang Mai.
Do you have recommandation for the route Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son. We have one month to discover Thaïland. I am not sure the Gold Triangle is a place to go. Am I wrong?
We leaving BKK on 22 august and come back on 18 september 2013.

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i did not go to mao hong som. too many mountains. depends what you want. don't cycle out of bangkok. take train to avoid traffic

i would get a train to Si saket as i did or th[en next stop, Rachatani and cycle along the mekong. very few and usually no tourists. good food, friendly and good cheap accommodation and the mekong. then keep going up to

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Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice Paul.
Our last trip was in Bolivia and Peru...the mountain around Chiang Mai is it that hard? or is it because of the heat that makes hard?
I am open to all suggestions: I see on the map lot of scenic routes around Chiang Mai but not much on the Mekong. As lot of cyclists we prefer to avoid busy road, big cities and privilege nice scenic ride and be close to the people.
We usually ride 70km/ day (even in Bolivia) with a stop every 4 or 5 days.

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my blog with all info on my trip. a table summary also as a page.

that is why it is good to go to the mekong. people don't. you could a i said go around issan and then continue up north.

you could prob manage cycling up to the Myanmar boarder.