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Question about Turin Italy!

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Question about Turin Italy!

I will be flying to Turin Italy from USA Aug 31st to start my 22 day bike trip to Barcelona Spain.

My bike will be in a box. Once I arrive in Italy I will have to assemble my bike and load my camping gear. 

I need to know the best way to get anywhere in or around Torino by bicycle from the airport? I would like to avoid bus or train and ride my bike from the airport to my host apartment. (I dont have a host yet). However, using Google Satellite Map I dont see any safe roads to travel by bike. If anyone knows how to do this or has done it, please let me know.

I have also been told I can take my bike on a train or bus, but only if they have space. I can't take the chance of waiting at the airport all day and no one accepting me on the train. I will also have a bag of camping gear and other items for my trip.

If anyone can advise me, I would appreciate it. Thanks

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check the route

Hi Kevin

there is not a so called bycicle route but you could find a low traffic route using this (da is from a is to). Torino has got around 190 km of dedicated route and it's improving but still not enough...ride safe and enjoy...






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Viviana, Thanks! This app is

Viviana, Thanks! This app is amazing and so helpful! The planning for my first day of this adventure is the hardest but this is excatly what I needed!

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