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France in August who's in?

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France in August who's in?

Hi all, next week I'll enter France from Belgium and it would be great to have some company! I'm quite flexible but I'd rather avoid the very hot areas and big cities; I'm thinking either going south towards the Alps or west towards the pyrinees . I'm slow ( as all newbies a lot of extra luggage:)) at about 20 kmph on flats , and I bike 50-80 km per day on average with some days off as well. I prefer staying at warmshowers or cs hosts but can stay in a tent if there's no other option . Relatively low budget.


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Hey ana,

i am going to cycle france from the belgien border to the swiss border entering france at 14th of august probably. 

As i do probably more than 80km a day it could be that i catch up, depending on where you go. I'll be riding on eurovelo routes but didn't decide yet if i take the one next to the ocean or through the country.

Would be glad if we could team up for a while.