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Open ecological bicycle expedition through the Baltic region

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Open ecological bicycle expedition through the Baltic region

We are happy to invite you to participate in open ecological bicycle expedition through the Baltic region Green journey. It is a trip for those who are interested in ecology and travelling. The goal of the expedition is the ecological self-education and sharing of experience.
The bike expedition starts in Belarus and will go through the countries of the Baltic region – Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. One may join and leave the expedition at any time.
During the expedition participants of Green journey will study the environmental technologies, existing in Baltic region, will have meetings the local ecological organizations and eco-activists.
We will also communicate with local communities to see how environmental technologies have changed their life.
The result of the expedition will be photo-and video reports for our website and Belarusian media and also series of lectures for Belarusian Young Greens.

If you are interested in ecology and bike trips, you can:

We are flexible. One may join and leave the expedition at any time. We will be glad if you have two weeks to cycle with us through a few countries, a weekend to cycle through your country or just two hours to show us an interesting object near the place you live.
The only what you need is to have a bike and be interested in the project.

You can meet with the participants of the expedition, when they will be visiting your place. You can ask them about the objects you are interested in, show your place, or tell about your organization and its activity.

We will be glad if you can recommend us an interesting ecological object to visit in the area where you live. We will be grateful if you can help us to arrange the visit to a place of interest and/or make the excursion
If you have the possibility to host the participants, we will appreciate it (camping site is also ok).
Your organization can meet up with the participants of Green Journey to discuss one of the ecological topics or just listen about the bike trip.
You can also help us in inviting the local media to tell about our expedition.

Expedition details:
The first part of the Green Journey will take place in June-July 2013.
We are leaving Minsk (Belarus) on June’14th. The route lasts for 1500km and goes through Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Denmark.
The first part of the trip finishes at the end of July in Copenhagen – one of the leading cities in implementing ecological solutions and concepts of the sustainable development.

our web site: