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warmshowers meet-up for hosts

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warmshowers meet-up for hosts

I live in a city (Istanbul) with about 60 warmshowers hosts, and thought it would be fun to do a meet-up for all the hosts. I organised one about 5 years ago but there were only about 10 hosts then, and so it was much easier.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to do it?



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meet up for hosts..

Good idea Kathy, I posted recently just the same question ( somewhere else in these forums, I can't find it again easily ....

There has been one reply to say the hosts in Hobart (Tasmania) have had at least one such meet up, which was a lot of fun ... but no other cases mentioned so far.

I think it probably does happen at a very informal level sometimes, somewhere.....

but no-one has ever contacted me, IIRC. I have tried to contact hosts nearby sometimes - trying to find place for visitors etc - but I have never had an enthusiastic response.

In the Old Days of WS, it was possible to "group email" a number of hosts ( eg to arrange such meet ups, as well as to request accommodation as a Guest) but that possibility no longer exists, I suppose due to possibility of s@amming.

It is just an intuition on my part, but sometimes I think some hosts may even be "competitive" and therefore see other local hosts as ...well..."competitors" . I hope I am wrong about that, and there is some other explanation why we don't hear about such meet ups.

Best wishes for your meet up ! I look forward to reading about it ...

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as I mentioned, I posted this

as I mentioned, I posted this a while back ....

I really *wish* I had a " MY Posts" tab attached to my Profile - so I could find my own Posts easily, and so other WS members could read my Posts to this website. My Posts are - IMO - an important part of my real "profile".