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cycling in Scandinavia, Europe

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cycling in Scandinavia, Europe

Hi all,  I am Lipika From Kolkata, India. I am Planning for a solo cycling trip to Scandinavian Country Europe. I am thinking to start from Iceland coming July, I read that the ferry from Iceland to Norway is closed now. So i am  thinking to take Ferry from Iceland to Germany then will ride through  Denmark, Sweden, Norway. Mainly i will ride near the coast line. I want suggestions from my clyclist friends. How many days i need for Iceland cycle tour. I dont have much time but want to see as mush as possible in a short time. Is there any host? Can anyone suggest me minimum per day budget.. I heard that all countrys are very costly, little bit tensed coz my budget is not much. please suggest me what to do. Thank you.


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ferry iceland

there only danemark iceland

it is VERY expensive 



the weather is also very rude you need to be VERY well equiped 


norway in june !! (still ice in the lake) 

I think germany sweden danemark norway is enough (and maybe too much as it is big country) 

this one for ex

or look at



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Daily Budget Iceland & Scandinavia

Hello! If you will start your trip to Iceland in June/July, the weather will be "okay". But okay means just "no snow" along the coast. Expect lots of wind, sometimes heavy rain and max. 10°c to 12°c temperature.

The daily budget might shock you. A tent will be helpful but you need food and some transport around the island. I guess 30$ - 40$ per day is not too much to start with.

If you use a hostel once in a while,  e.g. because of bad weather you'd add at least 35$ per night. Nature is free of charge. Swimming pools are cheap.

Around the island means approx.1.500 km if you want to go the full circle. 100 km per day would be a great accomplishment.

And if you have little time then the ferry is may be too slow for you. You'd have to add the stopover in the Faroer Islands. Crossing fom Iceland to Norway is like a 3-4 days then.

But Iceland & Scandinavia are super places to visit. As you know already. Anyway, good luck, lots of fun and may the Elves be with you!!

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Hi Mathias,

Hi Mathias,

Yess I am very much worried about the budget in Iceland. Thanks for your suggestion.

Happy cycling.


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Thanks Marie..

Thanks Marie..

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cost of life

even if it is only in french you can have an idea with pictures