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Unregistered Bild des Benutzers anon_user Inspiration Documentary Film?

Proposal: Create a cycle touring/ inspiration documentation/project!

How: Not sure. Let's brainstorm. Perhaps a blog, monthly newsletter (where we collect great stories from our members), or video compilation of hosts with riders (something similar to Craigslist Joe documentary film)

Why: To encourage more people to explore the planet on 2 wheels and celebrate the incredible community!

My Story (an example):

Hello Admin!

Thank you for all the work you do. Your website has been an incredibly influential force in my life. Here's a snapshot of what has given me:

Through your Forums this summer, I discovered Ecotopia Bike Tour in Europe. It was a life-changing experience as we visited squats, helped out on organic farms and participated in demonstrations through Spain, France and Italy. I had been looking for riders to tour with through Europe, but instead became part of a family full of passionate environmental activists and bike nuts!

Shortly after bike touring in Europe, I graduated from Virginia Tech and came out to Long Beach, California for Pro Walk Pro Bike 2012, a bicycle/pedestrian planning conference. Afterwards, I did not know where I'd live in the greater Los Angeles area, so I began messaging warmshowers hosts who could adopt me for a few days at a time. Rob Brown, a host who lives aboard his 30 foot Gitana sailboat in Marina del Rey, hosted me and then gave the opportunity to live aboard the boat with him (he had been thinking about finding a roommate, and since I only had a bike and pack/pannier bags, I became the perfect minimalistic traveler candidate!)

And so, the community has enabled me to start this next chapter of my life and exposed me to the greatest travelers and activists!

As such, I'd like to give back. I'd like to become an active volunteer or more. I would be delighted to step up on the leadership council if the opportunity is available, and help grow the community.

Currently, I am the Communications/Outreach Coordinator at Santa Monica Bike Center, Business Development Assistant at and work at REI. I am well networked into the bicycle/pedestrian planning field and have aspirations to bridge adventure cycling with transportation cycling.

Let me know how I can help!

Lyndsay McKeever

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Bike touring, warmshowers film

Hi Lindsay.

This sounds like a great idea. I'd be in on this one. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and love hosting Warmshowers people. Some have even inspired my neighbours to do their own bike tours.

Keep me posted.


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start with newsletter?

The other night I had a dream that I started a magazine based on Warmshowers experiences! I agree it's an incredibly inspiring community/experience.
Maybe a newsletter would be the way to start. I would be interested in helping put such a thing together. Even if it was just writing a story or two.
Keep the ideas flowing.
Tuula (Hannah is my partner - shared account!)

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Lyndsay, feel free to reach

Lyndsay, feel free to reach out to me at We are working a several projects that seek to better tell the story, and we would like to learn more about your ideas. Thanks! Seth

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4 years late

alas, Lyndsay's profile is no more.

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