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Nominations for directors of

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Nominations for directors of has become a nonprofit corporation, and so needs probably 5 directors. We'd love to have your perspective. Please nominate yourself or someone else you would like to have help formally with leadership. Most people's only formal esponsibility will be to attend a meeting or two a year by skype/google+, unless they take on (or already have) other responsibilities. You can nominate in the comments here or by using the contact form.

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Russo nominations

I would like to nominate Mark Martin and Kevin O'Leary due to their consistency in making the site run day to day with stuff I'm glad doesn't fall on my shoulders rarely thanks to them.

I'd like to volunteer as well, as from a technological perspective, I know the system second best to Randy.

Randy goes without saying... but I just said it.

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Board volunteers

I'm happy to volunteer.

Thank you, Chris and Randy, for stepping up as well.


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My nominations

I'd also like to the nominate Randy Fay and Mark Martin as Directors, for their commitment to touring, cycling, and community spirit! I would like to volunteer to support in any way I can.

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Board of Directors

I hope you have sought some sound legal advise before stepping into the land of corporations and non-profits. As a board member, you will have a special duty to the corporation and if the corporation fails to exercise reasonable care both you, the individual and the corporation become liable.

Last year I reported what I considered a very dangerous situation concerning a warm showers host and the response was please handle it yourself because; you (WS) did not want to be involved.

I've used WS during my touring, hope to continue to use it and have opened my home to numerous cyclist and again hope to continue to do so. I do so at my risk, but by becoming a non-profit and a corporation it is now your risk too.


Harvey Surrena

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Thanks so much, Harvey, for

Thanks so much, Harvey, for both your wisdom and your hospitality.

As a result of the whole process of trying to tighten things up, we have moved to a new level in handling potentially serious reports of member misbehavior. We now have a tracking system and are committed to dealing with each serious misbehavior issue. The process is outlined in the faq and mentioned in the proposed Terms of Service.

Becoming a nonprofit corporation means that volunteers board members and officers are protected; liability insurance goes one step further. And, of course, codifying our methodologies and making sure everybody knows what the rules are helps with all of that.


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I would be happy to serve. Are you planning to have people from different parts of the country? As a non-profit, what are the requirements? an annual meeting to review the books?

I am a business owner and run a corporation, but all the same they require annual meetings and documentation.

I have enjoyed being a host, I like warmshowers, and would be willing to go with the flow and participate as needed as a director.

What are the fiduciary responsibilities if any?


PS the contact form link doesn't work.

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Great questions, Leanna, and

Great questions, Leanna, and thanks for your offer!

The only fiduciary requirements are proper oversight of the organization's affairs.

The fundamental requirement is a commitment to and interest in

I'd be interested more detail regarding your statement "the contact form link doesn't work". Could you click the link above again and let us know what happens? Perhaps make a screenshot? I clicked it and got to the contact form just fine. And we get emails from people daily.

Since we don't yet personally know you, would you be willing to participate with the leadership council for awhile before taking on a director role? The reality is that people who are interested make the thing go around, and we want those people offering their opinions. I would be surprised to see a situation where "director" is more important than "leadership council member who shows up for the occasional meeting". We'd love to have you aboard if you're willing.

Thanks so much,

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I've got that mail. Now the rules of network are changed? But nobody discussed before. I don't like that way.

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Hi Michael - This thread is

Hi Michael - This thread is about nominations for the board of directors. It's not easy to figure out what you're surprised about or what you don't like. I don't think much has changed, but we're happy to answer your concerns.

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Hi Michael - If you were

Hi Michael - If you were surprised that we became a nonprofit corporation, I've written an explanation at - please read that and it would be great to see your response over there.

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Hi Randy,

I'd be happy to participate as makes sense for the organization.

Just let me know the five W's (who what where why when and how), well perhaps the why isn't necessary, I already know that!!



PS I think what the other post is referring to is the fact that one can only reply through the warm showers website, and not directly to that person. Privacy reasons? I am guessing that was a legal requirement to protect the organization?

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Thanks, Leanna! For starters

Thanks, Leanna! For starters I've added you to the leadership group's email list, so you'll know about the issues and meetings we have. We appreciate you coming on board!

We use the contact link as a general contact for the site. It goes to the site administrators. If you want to contact any individual WS member, you can go to their profile and use the "Send Message" button. For example, to send a message directly to me, just click on the "Randy Fay" link showing me as the author of this post, and then click "Send message" on my profile page.


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Randy: I would like to be considered as a director of WarmShowers. My main strengths would be my experience as a long time bike tourist starting in 1975 and as a host going back to 1978 with John Mosley's Touring Cyclist Hospitality Directory. I also serve as a volunteer on my local community council, boy scouts and I was formerly involved in youth soccer. I am a contributing writer for Cycling Utah. I've been a member of Adventure Cycling since 1976 as well as the League of American Bicyclists. I would be happy to help out WarmShowers in any capacity.
My weaknesses would be my lack of knowledge of the technical side of the website and related electronic communication.

Louis Melini

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Thanks Lou!

Thanks Lou!

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Our board of directors appointed

Thanks to all of you for your willingness to serve!

First, I want to note that there won't be any significant change in how we operate... Basically the leadership team (everybody who's shown an interest and shown up at meetings when called) will continue to operate mostly by consensus. The board of directors will only be used for formalities (like one annual meeting) and if there needed to be a formal vote, which I expect would be very rare.

The Board of Directors will be Randy Fay, Chris Russo, Mark Martin, Lou Melini, and Alex Rosenblatt.

The new Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are included in our ready-to-put-in-the-mail 501(c)(3) application. I didn't bother anybody else about this application as I thought it was too painful to have much back-and-forth. If we need to amend the bylaws, it's easy for the board to do.

I am very happy to be at the end of this document :-)

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