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just hitting Turkey, cycling East, maybe Iran, Central Asia... etc. anyone going the same way now?

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just hitting Turkey, cycling East, maybe Iran, Central Asia... etc. anyone going the same way now?

Hi I'm Kaleb. 28 from UK. Like everybody else I'm riding East. Just in Greece now but I'll be in Istanbul in a few days time and will probably leave there around the end of August, start of September heading for the Caucuses.

my blog is here

if there are people going the same way at the same time, link me up


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--> east..

I would, but not right now..;
I spent q long on yr blog actually [q well written], which is rare - may be bcs it 'echoed':
I was working in Avonmouth just now for a bit;
was interested in yr n German start, as I hope to have a quick trip, bike/train tpo Ukraine,
to return via the wind energy expo in Husum.. got a new tent to replace the rubbish one I I had stolen in car in bristol.

Maybe you'd consider joining in Crimea, over the blk sea?
Also, I think my friend is moving to Istanbul by next month, cld be a help perhaps. Deep.

WS Member Bild des Benutzers Joel Sindt
Yea Im biking throu Turkey

Yea Im biking throu Turkey right now. At the moment Im in the city of Düzce, about 220 km east of Istanbul. I will go too Ankara and then start making my way to Tehran. A bit a head of you at the moment, but I normaly don't go more then 50-70 km a day so maby you can catch up with me?

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Hi again...Husum

Hi Kaleb,
I finally managed to see your reply to me writing here to you - tho don't know where it's 'stored'. May be better to use the email listed on my profile,
or easier to use this one:

Anyway, this is long long in the past for you I'm sure,
but when you crossed from Harwich to Esbjerg: were u on your own? Some one here now tells me they won't let some one on their own take a (mandatory) cabin?!

And- this is like asking for a favour from someone not known, as well as being short notice for this week, but:
the place you stayed in at Husum - would you think I may be able to head there for a day or 2?

Thanks, Deep.