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West Africa and beyond

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West Africa and beyond

French man on a long term break. Sailed as a crew from Europe to Senegal. Was meant to cross the Atlantic ocean but the 'wind' decided otherwise.
After meeting two Flemish people who cycled from Belgium to Senegal, I decided to buy a bike and go exploring Africa until the next Atlantic crossing season. My rough plan is to aim for Kenya from Senegal and see how far I can go. If you are on a similar journey and looking for a travelling buddy, do not hesitate to get in touch. I am living in Dakar at the moment and should be free from mid-March.
All the best!

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Which route are you planning

Which route are you planning to take to cross Central Africa?

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So far I m thinking cycling

So far I m thinking cycling till October when I would then focus on finding a sailing boat to cross the ocean from cape Verde.
Depending on my pace, I m not sure how far I will go and probably wont make it till Kenya. However I might get hooked up and keep cycling instead of my sailing plan.
Central Africa does not look to good at the moment.
The way I see it so far is:
First chunk: Guinea Bissau - Guinea - Sierra Leone - Liberia - Ivory Coast - Ghana
Second chunk: Togo - Benin - Nigeria - Cameroon - Gabon
Third chunk: Congo - Rdc - Angola - Zambia - Tanzania - Kenya

I might consider sometime taking the bus or train if an area doesn't feel safe (for instance in Nigeria or Rdc)

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I am travelling in western africa

Ciao Yves. I am valter mosti from toscany italy. At the moment e I am in essauira Morocco I am ttraveling by bike in direction of south.and I want to arrive in Dakar. I am also a sailer. Last June I bring with friend a sail boat from la spezia to Stromboli and another from la spezia to sardinia. We have in common two passion.if I arrive in time we will meet in Dakar a.nd speak about journey. Contact me by email
Ciao valter

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Nice. I'd love to visit

Nice. I'd love to visit Sierra Leone one day.

Have a great trip.

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