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A few questions on travelling on an e-bike

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A few questions on travelling on an e-bike

Hi all,

My wife Christel has a knee problem, so she considers buying an e-bike for our next tour. (probably Batavus Razer)

I guess it's not done to connect your battery to a power plug for charging without asking, but should we mention that way before? I would never refuse a WS guest because of an electric bike, but one never knows.

Any advice by WS travellers with some experience on e-bikes is welcome.

I hope I can keep cycling on a 100% human powered bike for many years to come. ;-)


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You're getting into a grey

You're getting into a grey area so you should probably mention this in your requests. There are numerous members who are keen to see WS retain its identity as a hospitality site for touring cyclists but I personally wouldn't have a problem with this.

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RE: e-bike

Hi Michiel ...

I rode an e-bike (conversion) from Cape Town to Durban.

From my experience, with 3 batteries (& chargers), I had no problems plugging them in anywhere ... in fact, they charge pretty slowly, much like a phone-charger. The kit that I was riding with (front-wheel motor) had a pedal-assist system that kicked in when you pedalled. I still ended up pedalling a lot, trying to preserve my battery power, so that I could make it to my next overnight stop.

There are, of course, pure electric-powered systems that don't require any manual effort, but these are not the answer for touring - you won't get very far!

Just make sure all the electrics are properly water-proofed ... mine short-circuited in the rain - not easy to cycle with all your kit + 3 batteries (& chargers) !!!

Hope that helps ... good luck!

Sven :)

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E-Bike and Touring

Hola Michiel & Christel

... Think of an Recumbent than a "wedgy Bike"

.. The added weight of most E-Power Units is about 17 pounds more to have.

.. Look at E-Power Units that have a "re-gen" ability.

Rodger & Gabby
Colo Spgs

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Thank you all for advising so

Thank you all for advising so quickly. Christel will still do 75% of the work. We thought of a Batavus Razer with a Yamaha central motor. I do not know if it has re-gen though. Re-gen doesnt help you that much further but it saves your breaks in long descents... I also wonder how you cycle on an empty battery. Weight is one thing, resistance is another.