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What about not using Google for the maps?

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What about not using Google for the maps?

Hi everybody!
I discovered this website less than a year ago, and my first surprise was that the maps used on the website come from Google.
It seems, on my opinion, that iit doesn't really fit to my values (big company, lot of money, collection of private information...).

We got quite nice alternatives like OpenStreetMap (free, open and collaborative map) which has, a really nice project of cycling maps full of really interesting information's for cyclists (drinking water, toilets, shops, WiFi spots, tent areas or camping...)

Fact iis that I speak about this project I really like but I don't have the skills in computer and website stuff to do thejob.
But anyway, topic is opened...

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Google Maps

Hmmm, good suggestion - something for WS to consider. It seems that Open Cycle Map would be a much better option for Warmshowers, has it been suggested before? However I guess the map is only really used as a visual guide for tourers to see where hosts are located. However it would also show cycling related POIs in the area.

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Yes, it has been suggested

Yes, it has been suggested before [ ] - I also think it would be good for the WS android updates to be made available through f-droid rather than just google play but as with anything here resources are limited.