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Denver-San Francisco with hiking, trailrunning oct-dec

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Denver-San Francisco with hiking, trailrunning oct-dec

Looking for company for a trip I´m planing to begin in october and ending around 80 days later in San Francisco, I´m planing to bike around 80-100km per day, hike som mountains, trailrun and enjoy the surroundings when I dont sit on the bike. The route I have planed takes me by some national parks and other cool stuff. You can read more about me on my profile page. It would be nice to have some company on parts of the trip or just meet up for a day or two.
Links to the route:

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Shorteninng URLs

Wow. Nice trip! And that's one huge URL you got there.

Have you ever used an app like bitly to shorten URLs? It works like a charm and people don't have to worry about broken URLs or copy/paste.

This is the bitly link for the URL you provided:

Try it! You'll like it!


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That's one great tour of Colorado.

The route that you have from Paonia to Mesa is not well-known. I did it in 2004, and it was an impressive climb. However, I wasn't able to get much local information about it, but it all worked out. By about halfway in there were signs leading to the other side, but it wasn't clear coming out of Paonia that it would work. It does.

You have the right idea from Grand Junction to Westwater (old US 6 from Loma and Mack), but Google lies to you about there being a route from Westwater to Cisco. You go on the interstate for about 20 miles, then get on the old road to Cisco.

Google's bike routing lies about a fair number of things, because it thinks a bike should never go on an interstate, so takes you places that are nonexistent or impossible :)

Let me know if you need more routing info in the Grand Junction area. Also, the route from Grand Junction -> Gateway -> Naturita -> La Sal -> Moab is delightful. Not very direct, but seems like you're not much into direct routes anyway.

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Thanks for the tips! will

Thanks for the tips! will look into the routes you wrote about. Just booked my flight for 9 october, is there someone in Denver who wants to meet up or has something to sleep on?