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Touring Israel, Palestine and Jordan

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Touring Israel, Palestine and Jordan

Hi All-
We are two. Headed to Tel Aviv shortly after Christmas for a 3 week tour of Israel, Palestine and Jordan. We would love to hear from anyone who has toured these places or lives there and can offer advice on routes, map resources, diversions, accommodations or any other experiences you care to share.

thanks in advance,

Tyler :)

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Touring Israel, Palestine, Jordan


could be cold there. Carry warm clothes in your baggage.
There are not so many roads you can ride. From TA it`s not easy to find the way to Jerusalem. Every Israeli show you the way to the freeway, where it`s forbidden to ride for you.
A nice place is En Gedi. I think pretty close to this village is a camping area. From there to Eilat is flat and less to see.
The crossing to Jordan should be easy.
You`ll have a lot of mountains there. 3 weeks are a little bit less. Allenby Bridge is difficult to cross.


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Thanks for the tips

Thanks for the tips Peter.
We'll post as we pedal.... stay tuned :)

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Hi Tyler I lived in Amman in

Hi Tyler

I lived in Amman in Jordan for 2 years from 2006-08, & belonged to a small group of 6 cyclists who went out every Friday around the Amman area, so, Jordan being small, I should be able to give you some advice.

What is it exactly you want to know?


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Hi John, mainly what I'm

Hi John,
mainly what I'm after is the general conditions of the roadways, any must ride routes etc...also, routes into Petra to/from Israel...