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Boat from Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Columbia

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Boat from Colon, Panama to Cartagena, Columbia

I am in San Cristobal de las Casas at the moment, waiting for some tyres to be sent out to me, and am thinking about the route ahead.
Has anybody got a ride from colon to cartegena via the san blas islands? Whats was the price? I am travelling with a Bob trailer, will it be an issue stowing that and the bike on board? And as there is bound to have been one person that did it, who crossed the darien gap??

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Panama to Cartagena

Hi - I posted a bit about this on, and some people have mentioned their experience in the meantime.

On the boat we went on there were 5 bikes and 1 BOB, and there was no trouble fitting them in.

The Central America section of our trip is at, and the maps of our Central America route here: //

Enjoy your trip!

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Hi Dave,

come and see us in San Agustin, Colombia. We have got a "Casa de Ciclistas" and you are very welcome to stay for a while....

And here you can find more "Casas" in Colombia and Southamerica:

Hasta mas tarde
Igel & Paola

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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your replies everyone.
And I will pay you a visit for sure in San Augustin .. Maybe 2 months from now :)

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Other hosts in Colombia

Colombia has some of the best WS hosts in the world. We were delighted with them - in a great country, the four WS hosts we stayed with were still highlights.

One of the hosts, Gonzalo specifically replied to you (to the wrong place... via email... I got it) requesting that you visit him.

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boat to colombia

HI Dave,

the stahlratte was a really good way to get across, look them up via google (stahlratte or steelrat). They charge 385 dollars, this seems pricey, but is worth the hassle free trip we thought. Incl good food, san blas for 2 days, arrangements with customs and your bike below decks (no spray). Other boats you can find via 2 hostels in panama city, eg 'mamallena', or wunderbar.

ps there where also 9 motorbikes when we went over, there would be more than enough room for your bob. This boat is the biggest boat sailing across, I think it is the same Randy and Nancy took