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A bicycle in Finland at the end of September

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A bicycle in Finland at the end of September

Hello all,
I am going to spend a week in Finland from Sept 29th to October 6th, mostly Helsinki and possibly surroundings attainable by bike in two days, since I only have a week and want to visit the big city :o)
Is there any one out there willing to lend me or rent me for not too big a price a bicycle with a 45 cm frame?
Any kind would do as I mostly want to cycle city and road.

NB: I am obviously very careful with bikes, and even more with ones that are not my own.

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Hello Emma

I'm not sure if this any help, but there is a finnish site Kuinoma, where people rent their bikes (and other stuff). I have never rented one from there and it seems to be only in finnish... But they have a Facebook group so you could ask help from there, too.

Hope you get your bike. It's a nice way to see the city.


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Bike in Helsinki

Hey Jussi,
thanks for answering!
In the end I found a really cool bike shop, ECOBIKES on Savillankgatu (I think) and rented my bike for 50 euros/6 days. Really cool, and Upi, the wonderful bike mechanic was kind enough to lend me a pump and the essentials for a safe trip.

You're right BTW, bike is best!!!!

Keep truckin'

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Bike in Helsinki

Nice to hear you got yourself a bike. I did some googling and found their home page (if anybody is interested): Ecobike