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betrayal of warmshowers spirit ?

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betrayal of warmshowers spirit ?

i recently recieved an email to host famille 11 , but when they showed up they were drivng a van. this to me is not what warmshowers is about and for.

i am posting this to let other hosts know,and can only hope that they do not continue decieving othet hosts .

retired cyclist

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arrival by bike.

Yes, I agree with "Retired Cyclist". People arriving by a motorized vehile is not in the spirit of WarmShowers. I had someone contact me last year with the same situation. I declined the opportunity for them to stay. But If they were riding bikes, no problem.

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Did you host them? I honestly would have been so caught off guard I wouldn't have known what to do. Thanks for your post.


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No bike?

Maybe advise Warm Showers of the "van family's" email, and get them removed from our list?

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no bike ws

sure ,if they don't ride bikes...they don't have to in our web,there is other web proper for their lifestyle.

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keep the

keep the bike,no WS....that simple.
No hard feelings.
There is a plenty of other web for sharing hosuse for travelers,besides if they have a van they can sleep very wel on it.At least thats what I do sometimes.

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Couch Surfing

There are always other ways of staying if you travel with a van too like couch surfing. But maybe children can be an exception to the norm?

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betrayal of spirit.....redux

There was a similar issue a few forums back. Remember when a long time member who hosted numerous cyclists was using “motorized assist” on an upcoming trip and asked if it was kosher to request accommodations? The general consensus was sure as they hosted in the past. I would make an exception for this type of individual. Generally I agree thought that this is a cyclist resource and would not like to have a motorized, hitch hiking or eurorail visitor showing up under false pretenses. I’d be glad to consider such guests with prior notification, especially if they are families from abroad.

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