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Website left cyclist to sleep on the beach

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Website left cyclist to sleep on the beach

I got a message last night from a cyclist stuck between a rock and a beach.  The website caused his inconvenience.  Fortuantely he was only bothered by a "curious" person and not a cop (who would have put him in jail).

I received the message about 6PM.  I responded about 6:15PM.  He didn't get the message until the next day (today).  In this day and age of instant messaging, we have come to expect that our tech experience is seemless.  Alas, it is not.

So for Warmshowers to be more useful, it must advise everyone that messages may not delivered in a timely manner.  A banner at the top of message entry area would be a good place.  Missed communications could leave someone unecessarily out in the cold, or even jail.

Thus, again, cyclist need to contact hosts well in advance.



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relying completely on WS as a meas for a safe place to sleep?

Hi Greg. Yeah the website notifiction has some problems but blaiming WS that a cyclist ended up on the beach is in my opinion not completely fair. Shouldn't  each traveler be fully self contained? Not relying completely on WS as a meas for a safe place to sleep? We always carry a tent and in cases there is no safe place to camp, we go to a hostel or aks people if we can camp in their yard.

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Technology is no substitute

Technology is no substitute for common sense. No one made the guy sleep on the beach or not got to a hotel. Can’t blame free community service website for that.