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Packaging for plane

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Packaging for plane


We need help.  We will be in iceland for 15 days and we will arrive the 7th of september with ours bikes.  We don't know how to do with ours bike's cardboard packagings. Do you have tips for us ? How To be sure to find  ours packagings for the return fo france ?

Thank you for your help !!

Yves et Laetitia Gauthier 

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We are having the same question :).

We are in Norway with our bikes and we are taking the plane this Sunday (1/09/2019) back to Brussels. How can we manage to find bike boxes and transport them to the airport?

Many thanks.

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Bike shops will give you them if you contact them in advance.

* also , ask for the plastic spacers for the front forks......helps prevent damage ..



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Hello guys,

Hello guys,

You can ask at bike stores, bike rentals etc. Bikes are usually shipped in cardboard boxes which are inconvenient to store so if there was a new delivery recently you should be given these for free. In some countries, employees even put them on the street before they get rid of them (though that will probably not be a case in tidy countries such as Iceland or Norway). Keep in mind that the boxes might be already slightly damaged and you might need a lot of tape to keep the box intact during the flight. Once, I didn't secure my box correctly and lost some stuff during the flight (there were big holes in my box when we landed).

You might also check out Decathlon to see if they still have cheap bike bags (I bought one for 50 EUR last year) so that you just store these in depot to spare yourselves all that hassle with finding the boxes.

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Packaging for plane

Most time I prefer a reusable bag fro my bike, when I travel by plane.

While you doing the trip, you could leave the bag at the home of WS Members who offer "storage".

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We always dismantle/unfold

We always dismantle/unfold our bikeboxes fully and then fold them to a handy size and carry them on the back of our bicycles to the first hostel or campsite to store them untill departure. We always take two lashing straps for each box with us which together with tape will seal the boxes. Once you dismanteled the bikebox for transport and storrage you can use the straps to fasten it to your bicycle to transport or wrap them in it for storrage in a hostel while cycling. 

A lashing strap:

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Strong plastic bag

We use strong clear plastic bags to transport our bikes on aeroplanes.  There are a couple of advantages:

1. The bag folds down small enough to carry round the whole trip at the bottom of panniers, so removing the stress of finding and transporting a storage box.

2. Baggage handlers can see the bike and (in theory at least) are likely to take greater care.

Be aware, many airlines will require you to let some air out of the tyres.  Best to do this yourself, as you only need to let enough out to make the tyre a bit soft.  Baggage handlers tend to let all the air out, which means more pumping up for you when you come to ride!

In a bag, you can leave the wheels in, but you will need to turn the handlebars sideways and remove the pedals to narrow the width.  Take a roll of strong tape (like duck tape) to secure the pedals to the frame, secure the front wheel to prevent it steering and to close the end of the bag.  (2 items essential to any cycle tour - zip ties and tape!)

If you do use a box as others have suggested, you will need to remove the wheels and put the spacers in the frame and fork ends to prevent crushing.

Good luck on your trip.

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"Baggage handlers can see the

"Baggage handlers can see the bike and (in theory at least) are likely to take greater care."

I remember a discussion about this on a travel forum where an actual airport baggage handler was participating. His answer: "No, we aren’t going to take extra care if we can see that it is a bike, because time is short, and we don’t give a shit." I personally prefer to stick with thorough packing in a cardboard box.

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check with airline for box purchase


In some airports it is possible to buy a bike box.  Sometimes Air France sells them to their passengers. In the past we have gone to Decathlon for used bike boxes.  They were very helpful. More and more I have heard about using a strong plastic bag, but I have never been brave enough to try it.

Your hotel in Iceland might be willing to store them while you are touring.

Good Luck!