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Night time pee - do you flush?

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Night time pee - do you flush?

You're staying with a host and in the middle of the night you wake up desperately needing to pee. You do your best to creep to the bathroom without making a sound. But do you flush, and risk waking everyone in the house up, or leave it unclean? 

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I flush

Hosts know that pee happens...especially older male cyclists.  If a host doesn't want to hear a flush at night, they would not open their house to you.  That's my logic when I am a guest and I need to get up multiple times at night.

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Night time pee

Funny. This is just the kind of internal conflict I would also struggle with when staying with a host in a small house. Since I always ask whether they would like for me to strip the bed or make it up in the am,  maybe i would just also ask if they prefer i flush in the middle of the night or wait to flush until the am. If a guest asked me that, Im pretty sure Id just think, "oh, how thoughtful that he asked".

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I vote for always flush.  My

I vote for always flush.  My first reaction to seeing my apt toliet unflushed would be that my roommate or guest must have been very tired and forgot, not that they were trying to be quiet.  I wouldn't be offened as it's an easy fix to flush.  Anyway, I run a fan or white noise machine to block out city and roommate noises - I don't even wake up when the blender is run, and this is in a very small apartment.

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Flush toilet or not ?

Just ask the host what they prefer. When our daughter was a baby and bit yonger she would wake up if a dog farted 10km away so I would ask guests to observe the following rule once she was asleep - Yellow is mellow but brown goes down ;-) Hope that helps.

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verify first "Campsite rules"

James is right,

If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown send it down.  BUT ALWAYS put the LID DOWN.  

Also as a guy do you stand or sit -- sit no lights and quiet- Stand lights, good aim, and noisy may as well flush. 

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bog etiquatte

Always sit down, nice chance for a little rest, don't risk a sloppy aim, and at our house usually a visit from our cat for a fuss even on 4 am piss trips ;-)